From Bone Broth in Berlin to Mite Cheese in Milbenkäse

Helmet with Christina and the kids

A quest to visit Konrad Knops at this bone broth business, Brox, in Berlin, Germany also brought us on an adventure to the Würchwitzer Milbenkäse Cheese Museum, home to the infamous German Mite Cheese! Read our blog posts and watch the video to check out some of the fun adventures we had in Germany!


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Milbenkäse: Fantastic AirBnB with great room for the family to spread out in a beautiful location

Berlin: Stylish AirBnB in great location to train so you can quickly get into downtown Berlin but be on a budget

Things to do

  • AutoMuseum Volkswagen - fantastic museum for any car enthusist with a range of eco/sustainable exhibits plus ice skating and curling in the winter months.  We had a blast there!
  • Paläon - archaeological experience museum where the 300,000 year old Schöningen Spears are displayed
  • Milbenkäse Mite Cheese Museum - a small museum at Helmut's home where you can learn about Würchwitzer mite cheese and even have a taste!

Car Rental: 

Renting a car is essential in Germany so you can drive on the Autobahn!  The kids could not get over that there were no speed limits! Cars whizzed past us doing well over 100mph.  It was quite an experience - one not to be missed!







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