Earth, Ash & Blood: The Unlikely Components of a Nutrient Dense Diet (Part 1)

I have always been fascinated by the incredibly strange things that people have learned to eat through time in order to extract the maximum amount of nutrition from even the most desolate of environments.  

And, it has been rewarding to repeatedly attempt to shed myself of my inherent cultural biases that defines “normalcy” in my diet and try to contextualize why people eat what they do.  To step outside of our comfort zones to try to truly see other dietary practices from an emic, or insider perspective is difficult, considering our perception of food and the place it holds in our lives are so intricately intertwined with everything that we are and everything that we do.  But, when we are able to do this successfully, so many aspects of other people’s dietary practices take on entirely new meanings!

The Search for the Ash Yogurt


Several months ago I met Dave and Sue Brown and Delia Stirling at David Ascher’s Traditional Cheese Making course in Iceland.  After spending a week together and learning about all of the things we have in common - from our love of traditional raw milk cheese to foraging to ancient stone tool technology - they invited me and my family to visit them in Kenya where they operate Brown’s Cheese and spend time working with traditional groups to learn about their contemporary foodways still based on ancestral practices.  After I returned home and mentioned this to my family we jumped at the opportunity - and, I am so incredibly glad we did!

Trying yogurt