Bugs on the Menu

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“No, I am putting my foot down on this one. No. No. No . . .You are not allowed to eat them.”  

What do you mean? Wait. Are you telling me what I can and cannot eat? I replied in disbelief.  You don’t understand.  I think there is something important in all of this, and, I don’t feel right even having a discussion about the importance of eating insects in prehistoric diets if neither the students nor I had ever eaten any.  Plus, how can I ask the students to try them if I had never tried them?

This was part of the heated discussion between Christina and me almost 15 years ago – at least the part I can remember.   

Earlier that day I had received in the mail, and excitedly opened, a package containing all sorts of edible bugs!  This package had come all the way from Thailand, in fact the name of the company that sold them was “Thailand Unique.”  This package was a big deal for Christina and me for several reasons.  

  • First, it was full of edible insects – certainly a first for both of us.  Christina and I were young, on our own and graduate students who were pushing limits and learning about ourselves and one another in the process.  Every time we pushed our own limits the other was becoming keenly aware of what and who they actually married!  A box of edible insects, along with all of the other limits I was pushing at the time seemed to have struck a nerve.  
  • Second, it was the first package I had ever received from overseas.  It floored me that in order to obtain insects suitable and legal for human consumption, at least anything more substantive than a gag or dare gift of scorpions in lollypops or chocolate covered ants, I had to order something from so far away.  
  • And finally, we were two graduate students living on our own trying to make financial ends meet.  My adjunct position at the time paid a criminally low amount and we had very little.  The cost of these edible insects along with shipping fees was a substantial amount of money for us and certainly must have added to Christina’s anger.  

To read the whole adventure, click the link above to Bill's Food Evolution website! Thanks!

Christina is surprised!