We're doing this

So there are two ways I can accomplish some really significant, deep conversations with my husband. 

  1. Head to pub and order two Guinness (can't accomplish this at home because the kids will interrupt and Guinness is not the same from a can) or
  2. Go for a run. 

Yesterday, we headed out for a 7-miler and had some really insightful - needed - conversations.  We decided, we MUST document this year.  Not just us though but the kids too.  We are an the adventure of a lifetime and so many people have expressed their desire to learn more about whatr we are encountering/experiencing, so as we ran, we hashed it out.  We thought about Schindler Family Adventures but realized it's not about our name but more about what we stand for.  The London Times article dubbed us, "The Modern Stone Age Family" and there is a certain ring to that name.  It truly ties in what each of us represents.  Truly - we both deal with technology - just from opposite ends of history and our adventure is through the eyes of this lense.  Then we have 3 kids that are esserntially a high-schooler, middle-schooler and elementary aged kid - what better way to document everything,  


We sat the kids down last night and ran our ideas past them.  They are 100% on board!  They want to know if they can make their Instagram accounts public now (just too funny what they think about).


So today, after meeting at the American Embassy to get a new passport for Bill (since his passport is fuill of stamps), we headed off into Dublin to write.  I think we have found our new "normal."

Our challenge - find a new pub to write-in at least 2 days a week, so we experience Dublin, yet still get our work done.

Mission Accomplished! Today's writing spot - The Library Bar

Mission Accomplished! Today's writing spot - The Library Bar


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