Busy with B! Thanksgiving - Irish Style!

Schindlers at Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving for the Schindlers this year was not like any other -
but it was still magical, nonetheless! 

Airfield ready for Thanksgiving

Airfield gratefully allowed us to use one of their rooms inside their museum section of the Estate, and so we took full advantage. We entered the room, and we were delighted to see, that under the magnificent Christmas tree in the corner, was enough tables and chairs for 40. The place settings were the only things left to be put into place, so my mother and I painstakingly went around the room, and placed knives, forks, and spoons in a row of perfection. We poured over every detail in the room, making sure everything was all ready for our Irish Thanksgiving. 


Time to Eat!

Soon, our guests began to arrive, with dishes of delicious food and desserts in hand. The room was filled up with the mouth-watering smell of the food, along with the sound of everyone chatting and laughing. Dinner began, and everyone raced into line for the chance to pile up their plates All sorts of food filled the table, from sweet potatoes and marshmallows, to cranberry fruit leather. Everything was homemade, with hours of care poured into each dish. The dinner tasted absolutely delicious. After a few thankful words from Jason O’Brien, Grainne (the director of Airfield) and my dad, everyone dove straight into their dishes.

Making a plate
Aidan, Grainne, Jason & Bill

It may have been Ireland,
but our friends sure knew how to cook for an American Thanksgiving Feast!

Over 40 People Celebrated a Traditional Thanksgiving!

Tables are full!

Dessert Time!

The food was gobbled up in no time, and soon desserts were making their way onto our plates. After Thanksgiving dinner, everyone sat around stuffed, talking and filling the room with happiness. There were countless factors that went into this night, making it one I will never, ever, forget.

Dessert table!

Time to Try Something Special . . . Schindler Style

Halfway through the dinner, my dad pulled out fermented shark, and Icelandic alcohol. The strong smell of fish quickly filled the room, and caught everyone’s attention. My dad was getting people to try it, and a handful of people actually braved the shark. Once you got past the rotten egg, spoiled meat smell, it actually wasn’t that bad. Although afterwards, people quickly ran for a drink to wash it down.

Best pics of the night!!!

Brianna and Amelia trying the shark
Aidan, Bill & Jason trying the shark
Mom and Dad trying shark

Not sure Shark will ever be on the Thanksgiving menu again :-)