Halloween - Italian Style

Last year, I was trick or treating with my dad's cousin and his wife. We were in our house in Maryland running around our neighborhood trying to get as much candy as we can. This was the only time of year where we truly had a lot of candy in the house and the only time Dad let us eat a lot of it.


I never would've thought I would be moving halfway across the ocean and living in a different country. Let alone on halloween being in Italy with one of the best chefs in all of europe teaching us how to cook amazing food.


In the Italian Culinary Institute, Chef John, runs culinary classes that offer a huge amount of classes from a cheese course all the way to a cured meat course. We got to spend the week with him teaching us how to cook pasta, risotto, seafood, butcher and cook a whole rabbit.


Cooking with Chef John
Chef John and family

Recently, my Great Grandmother passed. Her family is originally from a town in southern italy. We were only a short drive away from the town and we thought this was a great opportunity to remember her since we weren't there to be at her funeral. We drove 4 hours to get to a little town called Corleto Monforte in the mountains of southern Italy. We were welcomed with open arms and offered to stay and eat lunch. My distant cousins feed us to 4 courses of great food and a really good dessert course of cannolis that his mother made that day.

The Stamato Men
Making cannolis

Somehow funny enough Carlos (my distant cousin) and my dad got into the conversation of cheese making. Carlos insisted that we go out back to his shed where he wanted to show us something.

As soon as the door opened, my dad's eyes lit up as if it was christmas morning
when he saw the cheese that he has been wanting to make and
learn about since he ever started his quest to make cheese!

Checking out the cheese
The cheese!
Trying the cheese

Street Performer Transformer

We then left their house and headed off to the airport where we had a 8 hour layover in Malian. We wanted to go out in the city and explore. As we were walking through the streets we were constantly ask to buy bracelets, roses and many of other things.

We saw an amazing cathedral and ate really great gelato.

We made are way back to the airport as we walked through the fort that was once Malian back in the day. We saw amazing history and weird street performances. From a guy and 2 stick people dancing and Transformers. We finally got to the airport in time to get to our plane and made our way back home.

Cathedral Duono