Billy, 14

I am 14 years old and are currently living back on the eastern shore of Maryland after living in Dublin Ireland for a year. I love to play soccer and rugby, go hunting and fishing, build things, hang out with my friends and eat a lot of food. I love food!!!  My favorite food is pasta with shrimp and cuttlefish or deer loins with grilled pineapple. But it is so hard to choose what my favorite food is because I have had so many great things to eat.  I also love to cook homemade pasta and risotto for my family and friends because I love to cook good food. I love to travel and go to places all around the world. My favorite place that I have been to so far is Spain because they had amazing food, really hot weather, great music, cute girls and good beaches. My favorite thing to do is to play a pick up soccer game with my friends. I like to watch netflix and go hiking. To keep up with my crazy life follow me on instagram @billy.wbs