I consider myself a modern-day hunter/gatherer, experimental archaeologist, and chef.  Although I’d like to think I’m the head of our family, but I gotta be honest – that title really belongs to Christina!  Recently, I co-starred in a National Geographic series, The Great Human Race, where I traveled the world while living like our ancestors did over the past 2.5 million years.  This was one of the most intense learning experiences of my life and reinforced my desire to take lessons from the past, infused with a little modern-day reality, to find meaning and direction in how to live my life and raise my family. Whether I’m replicating a million-year-old stone tool to find out how it was made, or feeding my sourdough mother culture to prepare a new type of slow-fermented bread, my hand’s-on, soul-authored approach to my own education is focused on feeding my family the most nutrient dense, meaningful food possible while also trying connect them with their past, their environment and with one another.  Sounds simple, right? You have no idea how hard it was getting here married to a recovering vegetarian and three picky eaters! We are still figuring it out so enjoy the journey! 

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I may have started off as a South Jersey, field hockey playing vegetarian, but I am now a proud Maryland Eastern-shore, crab-picking, red-meat eating, techy, Momma of three.  You can often find me taking pictures behind a camera, working in the garden, cleaning up the kitchen after one of Bill’s “research” projects, driving the kids to/from training, or my primary job - using computers to help students learn.  I am totally on the opposite end of the technology spectrum from Bill, but I think that’s what makes our relationship so dynamic.  He practices primitive technology by making stone tools, but I use educational technology to help people - specifically those with disabilities - access learning.  I guess we are really alike since we  both use tools to accomplish a task . . . mine just need to be plugged in!! I am taking full advantage of this year as a chance to regroup, reprioritize and figure out exactly what it means for me to “live like a human again.”

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Brianna, 16

I’m Brianna Schindler-a sixteen year old girl living her dream of traveling the world. I am from a small town in Maryland, USA, but my family and I have moved to Ireland for a year as my dad works on research with the University College of Dublin. From a young age, I have become hooked on traveling the world. I am known to document our adventures, with endless amounts of pictures, and can talk a mile a minute. I have a passion for cooking, and absolutely love to be in the kitchen. Living in Ireland, I am excited beyond words to see where this adventure takes us, and what new experiences this brings me and my family. 


Billy, 14

I am 14 years old and are currently living back on the eastern shore of Maryland after living in Dublin Ireland for a year. I love to play soccer and rugby, go hunting and fishing, build things, hang out with my friends and eat a lot of food. I love food!!!  My favorite food is pasta with shrimp and cuttlefish or deer loins with grilled pineapple. But it is so hard to choose what my favorite food is because I have had so many great things to eat.  I also love to cook homemade pasta and risotto for my family and friends because I love to cook good food. I love to travel and go to places all around the world. My favorite place that I have been to so far is Spain because they had amazing food, really hot weather, great music, cute girls and good beaches. My favorite thing to do is to play a pick up soccer game with my friends. I like to watch netflix and go hiking. To keep up with my crazy life follow me on instagram @billy.wbs

Alyssa, 12

Hi my name is Alyssa Schindler and I’m the youngest daughter of Bill Schindler the greatest archaeologist!!! My Dad was on this show called The Great Human Race!!! Now my family has grown into this wonderful modern Stone Age Family like the FlintStones because we hunt, forage, and cook together!!! I love how we came together as a family to create this!!! I also love to dance, sing and play with my friends. In Ireland, I am playing different sports like GAA football and Camogie.  Follow me on @lys_is_crazy to see my crazy adventures!!


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